The Strategy and Tactics of Socialism

saulalinsky“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgement to the very first radical … the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.”                 Saul Alinsky (pictured)

Since last month we did “A short primer on Fabian Socialism” we thought it apropos to follow that up this month with “The Strategy and Tactics of Socialism.” The strategy of socialism is clear – it is the old Fabian Society (with a boost from the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci) augmented by the work of Cloward and Pivens. The tactics are clearly articulated in Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky.


Go underground – Never identify yourself as a socialist. Hide under various names (liberal, progressive, populist, statist, or whatever) that evoke positive feelings from the people. When asked if you are a socialist deny it and say you are only working to help others. Never say that you detest the existing system and want to destroy it, only reply that you are “working hard to make a better country for everyone.” Tell whatever lies are necessary to distract attention away from yourself and stop people who do not share your beliefs from asking too many pointed questions. Try to focus people’s attentions on the problems you have identified.

Create crises – Make the people believe that a crisis exists and that the only solution is more government programs. It is not important whether or not a crisis actually exists, it is only important that people believe it to be so. Use your media allies to assist you in inflaming peoples’ passions so that a response to the “crisis” can be mobilized. Constantly reinforce the idea that only through the central government can a solution be found. Attract people to set up agencies to work on the “crisis” – they will soon become afraid of losing their income and will aid and abet you in doctoring information to “prove” that the crisis still exists. Never give specifics on the “crisis” since then responsible people will be able to prove that it is over – the “crisis”, once established, must go on forever so that the government programs can be perpetuated. (Note: There are only two crises – war and socialists running the country).

Expand the Welfare State – Place more and more people on welfare. Change the rules so that larger and larger numbers of people can qualify for assistance. Make the welfare state so massive that it collapses the country’s financial system (Cloward and Pivens). Pass out liberal amounts of money to schools, environmental groups, labor unions and businesses so that they will demand an ever expanding central government (this is a little like getting people addicted to drugs). When problems appear blame them on the failure of capitalism and greedy businessmen or blame it on evil rich people – in this respect use all the tools available to exploit class envy and direct people’s attention away from the real problem, the socialist expansion of government. Expand the number of people depending on the government for their income or their survival to the point that you achieve critical mass – the point where your reelection is guaranteed. Assert that what people are receiving from the government for free is their “right” under the Constitution.  

Make gradual changes – Do not force anything upon people. Convince them that the poison they are drinking is “good for them.” Slowly get them to think that the changes being made are a normal part of the evolution of society and are for the better in the long run. Withdraw anything that provokes a violent reaction and figure out how to repackage it to make it palatable the next time. Phase into the government at all levels (including the military) people you have identified that are supportive of your activities. Use the politics of personal destruction to destroy the careers of anyone who disagrees with your approach. Slowly and gradually get people to believe that violations of the rules of the society are normal and more sophisticated and that the older generations “just don’t understand the modern world.”

Centralize political power – This is the most critical strategy of all. Without this everything else is useless. Take as much power as possible away from the state and local governments and from the people. Regulate from the central government to the greatest extent all human activity. Also important is the corollary – if anyone tries to decentralize or take away centralized power “go ballistic.” Find people who are damaged by this loss of centralized power and recruit them to join in political protests and become violent if necessary. If you cannot find these people pay people to protest. Do not under any circumstances allow any of your gains to be taken away – if this collapses the country’s economic system so much the better.


Do not flaunt your radicalism – Cut your hair, bathe, clean up, put on a suit and tie and run for political office. Do not take to the streets unless there is no other option. If you take over a business, school, labor union or any other organization politicize it and form close working relationships with government entities – do this all in the name of expanding your business or improving society, or whatever justification works for that situation.

The end justifies the means – Use whatever techniques are required to achieve the desired results. Violate any or all of the Ten Commandments if needed. Doctor information and misquote experts. Use experts within your framework to give the false impression that facts and fiction are somehow linked in one master idea. When you violate rules to achieve an end clothe it in a moral argument so that you can pretend that what you have done is justified.

Utter platitudes – Never say anything concrete about what you are doing. Use generalities that appeal to people without defining what they mean. Good slogans are words such as fairness, change, common good, racial equality, challenges, fiscal responsibility, efficient and effective. Use the First Amendment of the Constitution liberally to justify what you are doing since it is vague – try not to refer to those parts of the Constitution that are specific. Never, ever, define your terms in ways that can be objectively measured.

Arouse discontent – Find out what makes people unhappy and fan the flames of discontent. Use irreverence, sarcasm, humor or whatever technique you can locate to get people sufficiently aroused to act. Always try to find an external reason why they are discontented so they can blame their unhappiness on something else – never let anyone know that the real solution to their unhappiness probably only requires a look into a mirror. Once you find what excites them to action keep hammering away at the source of their discontent. Repetition works – use the media for repetition if at all possible.

Discredit your enemy – Make him live by his own rules and attack him with irrelevant arguments. Attack God and the churches at every opportunity and make them appear immoral. Find ways to discredit the existing rules of society so that people have no faith in the systems under which they live. Make art, literature, buildings and music as repugnant as possible. Break down the civility of your system of government so that people believe everyone in a position of power is corrupt. Find fault with everything your opponents accomplish so that people believe nothing good is being accomplished. If you cannot find anything wrong with an opponent’s argument try to discredit him personally (whether alive or dead) – even if this requires lying. By the time people figure out it was you who was lying it is too late for him – you just apologize, the damage has been done, and no one remembers that you lied.


8 Responses to "The Strategy and Tactics of Socialism"

  1. And this is exactly why we must not quit now, thinking all will be well now that the socialists have lost the Senate… The fact is, there are many long time republicans who are as bad as those wicked ones who just lost out in the 2014 midterm elections 2 days ago…

    We must continue to get the word out, and stay prepared… We have to get all of the long term lifetime dynasty types out of office…
    Here in GA we soundly trumped one family dynasty in the form of M. Nunn… If she had gotten elected it would have been a severe blow to our freedoms…

    We need our Republic back.. as of now it is still a Democracy… Which only leads to death…

    So lets not drop our guard just because of some small gains in the house and Senate… The fact is, now we have to clean the executive branch, and the judicial branch…
    And the legislative branch still has a long ways to go…

    Keep your heads up and keep fighting for our freedoms…

  2. Ritired, Disabled Vietnam Veteran I love my country more than I love myself
    I’ve seen a steady decline of our Republic over the past 30 years.
    We must win the minds of the younger ggeneratios.
    We must take back the public schools systems inject the pledge of allegiance, bring back civics into the schools as a mandatory requirement to graduate.
    It is a major victory in the battle for our republic.

  3. I agree with both of the above posters, so much has happened, and so much of it comes from the schools, both elementary, middle, high , and college. My granddaughter went into college ,a good Christian girl and came out a lesbian. I am and was mortified, I have to leave it in the hands of a loving God. I saw the changes begin when her mother was a little girl and I wanted to put her in a Christian school, but her argument was that many of those students said and did the same thing that the public school did, she came out ok, because the schools were just beginning to change, but her daughter caught the brunt of it, wish it weren’t so. God Bless

  4. Obama is the reborn Alinsky and he is following his rules concisely. Very scary stuff. We must never back down and I vow to never stop fighting for democracy and against libs, progressives, et al

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