The U.S. Department of Education

The Department of Education is a microcosm of what is wrong with government. The Department of Education was authorized by the Socialist controlled U.S. Congress in 1979 and signed into law by the Socialist President Jimmy Carter over the vehement objections of the Republican Party, which argued it was just another government “make work” bureaucratic entity (which is exactly what it is). In 2017 this department has about 5,000 employees and a budget of about $100 billion dollars. Its functions kept expanding because of executive orders and the infamous “No Child Left Behind” Act of 2001, signed by President George W. Bush (Bush the second). “No Child Left Behind” would have been better titled “Almost Every Child Left Behind” or even better “No Government Employee Left Behind”. Under the Department of Education, we have all types of government-speak entities created by “No Child Left Behind” including: Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools” (they’re doing a great job); Office of Innovation and Improvement (whatever that means); Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services; Office of English Language Acquisition (where do we acquire this); etc.; etc.; etc. Then we have the government-speak entities created by executive order including: White House Initiative on Tribal Colleges and Universities staff; White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities Staff; White House Initiative on  Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans; etc.; etc.; etc. We also have an Office of Legislation & Congressional Affairs whose primary task, we are sure, is to be certain that Congress does not find out what is taking place in Education so that all those great government jobs will remain in place. They also have an Office for Civil Rights (gee, we thought the Justice Department did this) and all the other internal functions that any red-blooded bureaucratic department requires. They even have an International Affairs office for some reason that no one can determine.

The Education Department really only does three main things: they administer student loans and grants (more about this later); they ship money to the states (assuming they have behaved); and they drive state and local educators crazy with blizzards of paperwork so the Education Department can justify its existence (this, of course, requires local school boards to hire more bureaucrats to process all the paperwork so they can get their federal funds).

Our favorite part of the Education Department is the “Institute of Education Sciences.” This is, in actuality, a sort of “think tank” whose charter is to “provide rigorous evidence on which to ground education practice and policy.” As far as we can determine, despite their theories and statistics, in over fifteen years they have never produced one single concept which has helped improve student learning. Oh wait, we forgot, they may have thought of Common Core. When you ask these people what they are doing you always get some government doublespeak. It seems they just have too much “rigorous evidence” to manage. Nonsense like this makes Orwell look like a beginner.

They tried to have a Department of Education briefly in the 1800s but they realized it was unnecessary so they just made it into an office with a few employees. People were smarter then.


Claiborne Pell (1918-2009) was a six-term Senator from Rhode Island. He was a courtly gentleman with fine manners, although he seemed a little quirky. When you asked him what was his proudest achievement he said “Pell Grants.” In spite of his polished exterior, inside beat the heart of a fanatical liberal socialist.

Claiborne Pell was the heir to the Lorillard Tobacco fortune and he married Nuala O’Donnell, the heir to the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Fortune. Together they may have been the wealthiest couple in Rhode Island history. Claiborne had a lot of money and not much to do so he got himself elected as a Senator from Rhode Island. Now if Claiborne had wanted to hand out money to needy children to go to college he could have used his own money – he had plenty of it – and set up a Pell Grant fund of his own. Fanatical socialists don’t want to use their money, however; they want to use yours and they want to do it on a grand scale.

Claiborne got the Socialist Party in Congress together and they produced and passed Pell Grants which give money to college students based upon need. In 2017 the amount of Pell Grant money given to college students will be about $20 billion with a maximum per year per student of about $6,000. This means that, in effect, every person in the United States is contributing about $75.00 per year for free educations. There are some working families of four that might like to have that $300 per year. Be advised that there are no criteria other than need.

You can tell a socialist program because it is essentially a redistribution of wealth from which you have no opportunity to recover. If you are taxed to pay for a road you have an opportunity to use the road so you have recovery. If you are taxed for Social Security you have an opportunity to recover because if you live long enough you will get a return. But if you are taxed so that your money can be handed to someone else who provides you with no services, you cannot recover. This is the essence of liberal socialism and it is destroying America. It can come in many forms other than taxation, but the result is always the same.

Rhode Islanders should be ashamed of themselves.


Socialist President Lyndon Johnson signed the Higher Education Act (HEA) of 1965. It expires periodically but is always renewed. From the HEA sprung the Perkins Loan Program for very low-income families and the Federal Stafford Loan Program which is also based upon need and is the primary student loan guarantee program in the United States. Between Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, and Perkins Loans, all based upon need, you have a basis for one of the Education Department’s three main functions.

There is no regulation on who is qualified to be in college and who is not; if the “need” is there that is all that matters. In 2017, some universities send recruiters to low income neighborhoods trying to locate people to go to college so the universities can keep the federal money coming in and stay afloat. Many of these “recruits” have low SAT scores and a poor academic record and no possibility of ever having a meaningful university experience, so they drift to majors like “Bakery Science” or “Puppet Arts” where you have no potential to learn any job skills but are useful to the university to keep students in school for four years so the cash keeps flowing.

Why did we decide to guarantee student loans and give grants to students based solely upon need? Shouldn’t they have some potential as shown by grade point average, test scores, student achievement, or some other objective criteria which show a pattern of success? Maybe they could all become lawyers: we need another ten million of them. Your socialist dollars in action.

There is a ton of private money out there for young people with ability and need, but socialism must march on. The Stafford Loan default rate in 2017 is currently about 10 percent per year. That doesn’t sound like much but you must remember there is a ten-year payback available on these unsecured loans. The government is losing a ton of money on people who in many cases have no business being in college.


The Department of Education must be eliminated. Not only is federal control of education unconstitutional but the one size fits all mentality of the federal government is failing here in a monumental way.

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  1. I believe the power of freedom lies within every TRUE AMERICAN citizen.
    We must exercise that power by opposing government taking over the rights and liberty of the citizen of this great nation.

    • The Department of Education NEEDS TO BE DONE AWAY WITH! This department was not part of our government until 1979. That goes to show that the DOE is not needed. PRESIDENT TRUMP could CALL IT unconstitutional and end the DOE!

      • The ED was created by Congress and it will take Congressional action to eliminate it; the Sec of ED is the 15th person in line to succeed the President should the President and the 14 more senior officials all die. So, let’s not hold our breath. It would take a tremendous effort by grassroots organizations to dislodge the Congress from their love affair with the ED. The best we can hope for in the short term is a continuation of the principles and strategies being employed by President Trump and his ED Secretary, Betsy DeVos, to limit the damage that the ED can inflict on national education policies. More to the point is that State-level education departments are much more vulnerable to grassroots disruption and perhaps elimination; it’s much more likely to be successful to target individual States one by one. Unfortunately, our President cannot simply declare the ED to be unconstitutional (although we agree that it is) and turn off the lights. Congress and the SCOTUS would have to be in agreement to eliminate the ED as unconstitutional, and with both branches’ history of passing unconstitutional laws/rulings, that won’t happen this side of a civil war.

  2. Stand up and be counted as loyal citizens and place the Constitution of the United States as the governing entity.

  3. Home School is the best. In case you haven’t figured it out, this country is overcome with children and generations of persons from broken families. No father and or mother has left many without the proper life experience and skills to make better choices. Many have overcome this obstacle but many are rebelling from this negative impact. If you can stay at home and keep them safe from negative influences. Teach them as best you can. It’s way better than someone else.
    Don’t get me wrong. I suffer from CPSTD and an abusive father and a car accident. I wish that SOB never touched me but the family unit as dysfunctional as it was I suppose it turned out better. All I can say is now I going to make this family great again.

    • I homeschooled my son from first grade through the 12th grade. I never had to deal with the DOE. I picked everything from his curriculum to the field trips. It was a blast. It’s the wave of the future. I think all kids should be taught at home and get rid of the public school system all together. Kids today can get homeschooled online. I done it the old fashioned way with BOOKS! GOOD LUCK ON YOUR HOMESCHOOLING ADVENTURE.

      • I homeschooled both my sons from junior high until their final year of high school. We were living in Japan (I was retired military and working for the State Department in Tokyo) and when I moved the family there, we evaluated the options for our sons’ continued schooling. Private English schools were available – at a cost of $36k per year, each – or we could enroll them for free at the Dept. of Def. Dependents School (DoDDS) system that was rife with gang activity and the progressive education curricula. For us it was a no-brainer – move the boys into homeschooling using the ABEKA program and curriculum. They both excelled – when we returned to the States 4 years later, in time for their junior/senior years in high school, both were so far ahead in grades, comprehension and achievement that they graduated with honors. And, they had a more rigorous and wide-ranging education than their peers. Both are now in their 30s, successful, well-adjusted conservative young men, of whom I’m very proud! Homeschooling is THE way to go – if enough of us did this, we wouldn’t have to be concerned about the ED and its impact on education at the State/local levels.

  4. By homeschooling my children for 6 years, my husband and I reviewed all basics ourselves, viewed ‘knowledge’ from a current perspective, and necessity required we gained the patience of Mother Theresa.
    To this day we marvel at the benefits those years together afforded our family. They are too numerous to list.
    Although I was not well educated or equipped to teach my own children, when they chose to re-enter the system in High School, each graduated with a 3.98 GPA and both went on to Universities where one graduated on the dean’s list and the other earned her Electrical Engineering degree.
    Both women volunteer teaching youth today. One is employed and the second is beginning her own business. Both avoided any of the typical social vices and are close with each other and visit us regularly.
    Another benefit, as a Mother, I quit my caree to homeschool, dropping our family income by 1/3. We were forced to budget, live within our means which resulted in lack off credit card debt. Although we scrimped for years, we are now entering retirement feeling very secure. Our home paid off, no auto debt, and freedom to help others.
    God is good! We would not have done it w/o Him!

    • I applaud you. I have plans to homeschool also #StopCommonCore is a nightmare. I’m 61 soon and have been raising a great neice since age 2 she will be 7 on the 4th I’m not impressed at all with public school or even Christian School. I feel it’s better at home then we know what they are being given taught

  5. Because as the Government and Dept of Education says, “Nobody likes a smart American”!

    The politics in this country STINK as do the players. They have removed true history lessons and replaced it with Art and Sensitivities classes to emasculate our boys and turn our girls into fembots.

    They tell us we need to medicate our kids when they can’t sit through class (because their normal kids) tell them they have to do hours of mundane useless crap or else and they will not deviate from their common core lesson plan, insisting that any problems are “the parents fault” or “the childs fault”.

    I’m proud to say my son was made to stand outside his class door, unmedicated, at 4 different schools for “distracting the class” when he argued with the teachers recollection of history and facts and just graduated with a mind of his own.

    Parents need to take matters into their own hands if they don’t want to produce a “zombie like” “mind screwed” liberal. The preciousness of this Country and how rare and valuable it is, is not being passed on. That freedom lost is rarely recovered.

  6. I believe that our Universities, Colleges, and some High Schools are filled with Professors and Teachers that are Communist and/or Socialists. They are ruining our youth by their teachings. They also have quit teaching AMERICAN HISTORY! It is important to know our history (patriotism).

    • Posted a comment below yours.
      It us a new philosophy called ‘postModernism’. It does exactly what you posted on the freedom army site.
      Research it to find its deranged ideology.

  7. There is a far worse philosophy becoming prevelant in tge college/University level. PostModernism. Research it on your browser. Free PDF on the Stephan Hicks site, search result.
    Read about it, and you will know why liberals today act as they do, about how climate change can be a democratic decision, and other issues. It is how and why the country and education is in this mess.

  8. As far as I can see today, college is irrelevant. I see so many young people getting into hundreds of thousands of debt to go to college, and the result is they get a degree for which there are no jobs. The colleges go out and recruit idiots with not even the basics of an education. Colleges do this to create these over blown universities staffed by over paid “liberal Professors ” who teach kids to hate America. In the meantime, these idiot professors are living the American dream, doing nothing but corrupting our youth and eroding the foundation of America. We need to stop all support for this failed system. I suggest that if the DOE is to survive it should be an agency that sets measurable standards and enforces them.
    What if a college was forced to demonstrate that any student graduating must be able to get a job commensurate with the “degree” that college awarded them. If the student is unable to get a job the University should be required to pay him back in full all the tuition monies he paid for the worthless degree.
    Use that same standard for “professors”. If students getting passing grades in their classes cannot become gainfully employed, the professor would get a salary cut. Also, the student could legally sue the professor for passing him without actually demonstrating the requisite skills for the course taken. The professor sold the student something of no value making the student believe he was qualified for a job.
    Take these two actions and you’d see these corrupt phony colleges fold up quickly.
    If the US wants to do something constructive along the lines of educating our youth, the main criteria should be turning out a product [student] who is ready to be gainfully employed upon graduating. Trade schools are best suited to this task. We know that most professions students don’t want to be considered a “trade” but fact reality folks. Anything you do that makes money is a “trade” or a “Business”.. If America moved forward with this goal, we would not need to waste money on an unregulated and very very expensive DOE>

    • I agree with you! My kids both went to college for a time and decided it was not worth it for me as a parent to keep paying for classes that my kids “had” to take. They helped start a motorcycle business that my husband and I own They are both very smart adults that don’t miss the college life. I believe that working with family and learning the business is better than anything else a person could acheive. Because as a parent I am also the boss. It takes a lot of patients, but very well worth it.

  9. Let me tell you what is happening in my hometown and I feel like I’m living in a Twilight Zone or Body Snatchers movie. Highschool sends out a letter to returning students and Freshman, that included in the “banned” clothing dress code is the American Flag. The neighboring town is teaching Kindergarten age children about “transgenerism” and have a current child “transitionin” from a male to a female. A little girl called him by the name she knew him as the previous year and was reprimanded by the principal. The school said it does not have to let parents know its teaching this and they do NOT have the right to “opt out” of the class. Another neighboring town Highschool told the students they cannot chant “USA USA USA” because it is offensive to people from different countries that MAY be there. What the hell! ENOUGH!

  10. I think kids should be taught some philosophy topics like Morals and Ethics. Also some martial arts or self defense. I don’t mean just to be violent. But it can make people more grounded and self confident. Then if a bully or someone harasses them, they know how to handle the situation.

  11. There is a Free online book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” This is the most comprehensive book, on what happened to the Education System, I have ever found.

    Most things being done to our children, DO NOT HAVE PAPER WORK. Videos are used,to change our children. The first goal is to separate from those that love them, PARENTS. The to Indoctrinate them to change their VALUES (VALUES EDU) FR. Judaeo/Christian to Humanistic.

    Now it is INDOCTRINATION K-12 SICK TRANSGENDER ETAL. This is scaring the young Kindergarten students. Traumatizing them.

  12. I became aware of Agenda 21 Common Core some years ago. I am a grandmother of several sweethearts. Living in Texas, I was told we were not “Mandated” & Texas refused the program. However, recently became aware of one of my daughter’s area where “some of the Common Core programs are used on a voluntary basis. I was suspicious after looking over some homework. WOW!

  13. My grandkids are home-schooled, thank Almighty God! But I would like to know just exactly WHAT Betsy DeVos (sp) is doing about our schools, since she was appointed by President Trump. We never hear anything and, IMO, if she were doing anything remotely relevant to helping our education system, the Left would be screaming and protesting. Can anyone point me, or enlighten me as to where we are with her? Thanks and GBA!

    • Our Intel confirms for us that Betsy has not been in the news much. We don’t have concrete evidence of what she is/isn’t doing, but there is speculation on both sides of the fence. One source thinks that since Ms. DeVos is a fan of charter schools, the NEA has slowed down her agenda and progress. (IMO, not likely – if the Left was being successful at ANYTHING right now they would be shouting it from the rooftops.) The other source thinks that much of what Ms. DeVos wants to accomplish is best done in silence, for now. We know that President Trump is not a big fan of the Dept of Ed anyway and has stated he’d like to eliminate it. I believe it’s far more likely that things are being accomplished behind the scenes right now to prevent the Left from causing problems. When the final product is ready for roll-out, you can bet the Left will be screaming bloody murder!

  14. Good morning,

    Let me illustrate something. Turn on the news… see all those kids protesting? Do they really know what they are protesting against? Do they understand what Freedoms are that they are attempting to eradicate? Do they truly know that IF they succeed in taking away these freedoms that they serve to doom themselves? Do they have any idea of the true face of their handlers?

    How did the likes of Bernie Sanders achieve such an elevated stature among the youth of America? Clearly, just a cursory study of history shows that Sanders subscribes to and extols the political system responsible for the most heinous governmental genocides in human history.

    The Progressive usurpers of the American Republic had a plan, a sublime, tenacious, incredible plan to re-educate the educators of our children. Some of the foundational tenants of this plan are to entice our children with moral relativism; there is no God and remove Him from our schools; re-write and/or erase the true history of American and Western Civilization; the State is your nanny, provider and protector, above your parents… It’s working and you see the results today. All those kids “Feeling the Bern” are about to “Burn Down” our Republic.

    The Founders of this American Republic shared something very significant. Almost to a person, the American Founders received a Classical Liberal Arts Education; Latin, logic, rhetoric (the “trivium”), as well as arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music (the “quadrivium”). Hillsdale College through their Barney Charter, is again making this education available to our public school students. This education has been adapted to work within the current public education paradigm. By forming alliances with like minded groups and supporters we can disseminate a proven educational system, (2,500 years in the making) that can again, “train up our children to the responsibilities of citizenship in a Free Republic.”


    “The true path to the restoration and future of our blessed republic runs right through the halls of our schools.”

    • A military background is not required, Duane. Simply a love for the Constitution and our Republic! When you encounter the military-related questions during your registration, simply select the “N/A” or enter it manually. Any date will do for the question about when you got out of the military. We’re trying to get the form fixed, so bear with us!

  15. Re: Dept of Education

    Just recently read an article that one thing Betsy Devos is working on is in higher education. They are getting rid of the kangaroo courts that up until recently had been severely punishing students with suspension/expolusion for expressing conservative view points. Up until President Trump was elected you heard about them quite frequently.

    The other thing which was the first thing to go was that assinine lunch program that everyone hated. The DoE basically blackmailed schools into implementing that program by withholding fed money unless they complied.

    I also thought that common core and standardized testing were gone too. But I could be mistaken.

    I do know that more control was given back to the state and that a number of departments within the DoE were eliminated.

    • Much of what Secretary DeVos has done, and is doing, is being accomplished behind the scenes due to the animus directed toward her almost immediately after she was confirmed as Ed Secretary. Those who support the President’s agenda strongly support the accomplishments of the Secretary; the “resistance” unsurprisingly does not. For those of us who are strict Constitutionalists, there is no basis or justification for a cabinet-level department dealing with education and therefore should be abolished entirely, returning the industry to the level which it belongs – to the individual States. In our opinion, the best conclusion would be for the Secretary to rescind/cancel/eliminate ALL the Ed Dept rulings and close the whole thing down, returning the funding and oversight to the respective States.

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