The United Nations: Past and Future

On October 24, 1945, the United Nations officially came into existence upon ratification by the five permanent members of the Security Council – France, the Republic of China, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and the United States – and by a majority of the other forty-six signatories. The United Nations was founded as a successor to the League of Nations, which was considered to have been ineffective in its role as an international governing body since it had been unable to prevent World War II. That was the ostensible reason, but the primary reason was that the United States had never supported the League of Nations and was not a member and therefore the League of Nations was a toothless tiger. Apparently in the 1920s the people elected to run the United States government were a lot smarter than they were in 1945.

The United States initially enjoyed a certain amount of control since the initial fifty-one members usually sided with the United States but that all changed beginning in the mid fifties when new members began being added rapidly until the number of members grew to 185 member-states by 1995. Coupling that with the dubious Uniting for Peace resolution (whereby a veto in the Security Council would mean the General Assembly would assume the powers of the Security Council) meant that the United States had absolutely no control over any U.N. actions even though it was paying on average over the years about 30 percent of the total cost of the operation.

The net result of all these actions is that the United Nations is nothing more than another third world country. It is a place for various kinds and types of satraps from numerous elitist controlled dictatorships to come and rest and collect a big salary for doing little or nothing. Furthermore, these countries pay almost nothing to have a forum to rant about the United States, Israel, or any other successful country that makes their tin-horn fourteenth century dictatorships seem paltry by comparison. The fact that the United Nations keeps its budget shrouded in secrecy further complicates any meaningful analysis of how money is spent. The largesse of the United States and certain other western world countries is the only reason it continues to exist financially.

Personnel costs are estimated to consume at least 75 percent of the U.N. operating budget and the number of employees has increased from 1,500 to in excess of 100,000 worldwide. The salary and benefits packages of U.N. employees in New York City are incredibly lucrative. The average U.N. employee makes about twice as much as is paid for an equivalent position in New York City itself. The United States is supporting another welfare program not documented as such.

The U.N. is what it has always been for the last fifty years – a rotting carcass which has been propped up by various socialist run governments (including often the United States) and left-wing dictatorships and displayed as a vibrant living being. It is time for the final denouement and it can come none too soon.


If the U.N. wants to survive in the 21st Century it must come to grips with the realities of geopolitics in the present world and try to solve world problems rather than pressing for the globalist agenda favored by so many. To do this it must reorganize itself.

The USFA offers the following suggestion:

#1 Break the world into 9 regions: A. United States & Canada; B. Central & South America: C. Russia; D. China; E. Sub-Saharan Africa; F. Europe; G. Mediterranea; H. Sub Asian Continent; I. Oceania.

#2 Give each region exactly one vote and 9 votes are required before the U.N may act. Each region contributes 1/9th of the total amount required to operate the U.N.

It is helpful to have a forum where world problems may be discussed but in its present format the U.N. cannot be allowed to continue to exist and attempt to impose its socialist agenda upon the entire planet. Barring some sort of makeover the U.N. must be scuttled.

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  1. IF U R a patriot stand up & RE-TWEET So All patriots are made aware of what OUR GOVT’s doing BEHIND OUR BACK, IN PLAIN VIEW.! God Bless OUR USA ✝️??☮️??

  2. I agree that the U.S. must withdraw from the UN, and the UN must withdraw from US shores. Beyond that, we, the American people have no power over this organizations existence or what it does.
    President Trump has made a good start by suggesting we cut our contribution by half. But it is only a start. He has to get it through a corrupt Congress. Even if successful, it is not enough. He seems too eager to compromise. And it seems he has no real power at present. But at present, he appears to be our best hope.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. Trumps talent with the ‘Art of the deal’ just might be his Achilles heel. Trump needs to remain true to his original intentions,get out of U.N. and severely slash funds to it. Also it needs to leave American soil,along with all immagrants for now. Cease all entry,like was done during the war and after.

  3. Every one should really check out ASAP.Part of my ministries in this life is to take the blinders off the American people. the leftist plan is encourage homosexuality,tear apart the very foundation this country was built on,Judaeo christian frame work of our vary constitution.Introduce Communism in a new way that’s acceptable to all.tear apart the family structure and create chaos and panic in the street so all its citizens turn to them willingly giving up there freedoms.this also enplanes the mystery behind OBAMA

  4. At the VERY least we must immediately defund the U.N., start charging them rent for any bldgs.and properties, end Diplomatic Immunity and fine them for transgressions against the US! Then force them from our great land. Once they are OUT of our country then we can revisit restructure…. possibly. At the same time we build the southern border wall.

  5. Bob I wonder, can we just up and leave the U.N. entirely? Would it be legal? Is there an “exit” clause to the treaty we signed and ratified, to become member state of the U.N.?

  6. When we were growing up, back in the Dark Ages…no I will not tell you when…we were taught to think of the world in two hemispheres, and the World in Continents: Western & Eastern Civilization was

    1. The American Continent .
    2. Western European Nations
    3. Russia & European Nations
    4. Far East
    5. Middle East.
    6. African Continent

    Because of limited connections, air travel, or social correspondence, it was a delight to learn about the cultures & traditions of other nations & continents, but each of us was most happy just being who we were… Americans. Other Free Nations, even in War, must have felt the same.

    As late as the 1940’s and World War II, the difference in Dress, Traditions, Cultures: Cuisine, Arts & Crafts, Music & Dance, and Religion were enjoyed and respected…until or unless one, or two dictators built up Evil Political Regimes to take over and control the World.

    The Old Testament teaching of the “Tower of Babel” and it’s mighty fall into different people, was a lesson to most of us. Any attempt to reach a type of Utopia of Paradise
    was doomed to failure.

    Free Nations of “Melting Pots” were meant to come about by natural blending, not by forcing incompatible ingredients to dissolve & blend by the cooks walking up to the Pot and demanding it to do so!

    Just be proud, and thankful that YOU are YOU, and I AM ME, and WE are WE. And God Bless America, while you are at it!

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