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Pro 2nd Amendment Marches
State capital cities nationwide
14 April 2018



Freemen of the USFA

As requested by Colonel Steve Parker of Oklahoma, I am announcing this event to everyone, and I hope all of you will make an effort to attend. Take a look below at what gun confiscation and draconian gun control laws meant to the civilians of these countries within the 20th century alone. If this does not get you motivated then you may as well sit back and let the Marxists take over your country on their terms, because future generations will be doomed to suffer these results if our generation does not save them. I despise the PINO (Patriot in Name Only) that is sitting out this fight by sitting on his ass doing nothing but boring everyone they know with patriotic lip service.

It is called Democide. This is different from genocide in that this is the murder of any person or group of people by their government.
Think of Waco, Texas.
Think of Ruby Ridge, Idaho.
Think of LaVoy Finicum at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.

Any one of these killings, among others, could have been YOU or YOUR sons, daughters, grandsons or granddaughters. If we let these people die in vain then we deserve to die in vain as well. Suck it up and DO something.

Disarming the people of a country causes the STATE to have a MONOPOLY on VIOLENCE. Look below to see what happens when this is allowed.

Over 262 Million people died at the hands of their own governments in the 20th century.

  1. Communist China under Mao Zedong committed democide on 65 MILLION human beings, including 30 MILLION during the "Great Leap Forward".
  2. USSR democide alone was 36 MILLION. This was done by Stalin, who killed 20 million, Lenin killed 9 million, and 7-10 million in the Ukrainian Holodomor.
  3. Hitler is the poster boy for a democide called The Holocaust, but it came in a distant 3rd causing 10-12.5 MILLION deaths.

Each of these men was responsible for killing between 1 and 10 MILLION EACH: 

Tojo, Japan
Lenin, Russia (Bolshevik Revolution)
Pasha, Turkey
Kim Il-Sung, North Korea
Mariam, Ethopia
Gowan, Nigeria
Yahya Khan, Bangladesh
Saddam Hussein, Iraq
Idi Amin, Uganda
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Pol Pot, Cambodia

History tells us that we are in great danger when our right to keep and bear arms is infringed. We must not let this happen, else the UN blue helmets from the above countries will come to your hometown and take your weapons from you. This is a guaranteed blood bath. American men, women, and children WILL DIE. Globalists want our country but they can not obtain it as long as we are armed. Get out and support your rights and the American way of life, liberty and justice. March on your capital on April 14th, 2018 to support the 2nd Amendment. 

As a grass roots organization we are the scattered silent majority. Our opposition is organized and buses in people to their events by the thousands to give the appearance they are the majority. They are loud but few and they drive the agenda of legislation against the quiet but many. 
We will lose this fight if we do nothing.

God Bless American Patriots who believe in American traditions, our Divinely-inspired Constitution, and our laws and our rights. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE in America who does not believe in these things is an enemy of mine and an enemy of this country. I do not care one whit what their arguments are if it is tripe that degrades my country and these principals. CURRENT enemy actions by the left are the very definition of sedition and subversion. It is like Marxism, Communism and Fascism is alive and well in the Democrat Party. 
Stand UP! Be KNOWN! Don't be a PINO!

God Bless and Best Regards to all PATRIOTS of the USFA and the United States.
All else can go to hell...




USFA members who reside in or near your State's capitol city

We need someone to step forward to research whether your State has other organizations (Oath Keepers, III Percenters, RMGO, NAGR, NRA, etc) who will be conducting a 2A march and coordinate with them.  If not, YOU need to take the lead and secure the necessary permits for the march to the steps of your State's Capitol building and liaise with necessary government offices and law enforcement agencies to comply with march route, participant conduct (signage, bullhorns and noise) and arrange for a PA (public address system) at the destination for remarks from the march leaders and any guest speakers (supporting politicians, etc.).

We need someone to step forward to be a point of contact for the march so other members in your State can reach you for details about the event:

(1) When and where to assemble
(2) The march time and route
(3) Local laws regarding sidearms open carry/concealed carry
(4) Local laws regarding long guns openly carried
(5) Signs to prepare and bring to the march.
(6) Whether there will be guest speakers addressing the crowd at the march destination
(7) Other topics as appropriate

If you need help or advice coordinating the event, contact the USFA at

We have members in all 50 States - there is NO reason we should not have a showing of USFA personnel in EVERY State on the 14th.


Finally, submit your status report via after you've concluded the event and let us know the outcome.

Together we CAN make a difference!!