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The Leaders of Iran

The leaders of Iran are believers in the 12th Imam or the Mahdi. They believe that the Mahdi will return when there is sufficient chaos in the world and he will bring peace and prosperity to the world. The 12th Imam is said to be the son of the 11th Imam, Hasan Al-Askari and is a direct descendant of the prophet Muhammad. He went into hiding as a child around the age of 5 and is also called the Hidden Imam. According to the Hadith the criteria for the Mahdi are: He will be a descendant of Muhammad and the son of Fatima; He will have a broad forehead and pointed nose; He will return just before the end of the world; His appearance will be preceded by a number of prophetic events during 3 years of horrendous world chaos, tyranny and oppression; He will escape from Medina to Mecca and thousands will pledge their allegiance to him; He will rule over the Arabs and the world for 7 years; He will eradicate all tyranny and oppression bringing harmony and total peace; He will lead a prayer in Mecca in which Jesus will be at his side and follow in.

The current leadership of Iran is now almost all exclusively among the members of the Shi’a Hojjatieh sect. This sect believes that to hasten the return of the Mahdi they should create chaos and disorder in the world. They believe that the actions of humans can affect the return of the Mahdi and the goal of the leadership of Iran is thus clear. This is why Iran is so dangerous. A good and decent people have had their country taken over by sinister forces. This has happened before in world history – such as 1917 Russia, 1933 Germany, and 1948 China (among many).

The Mahdi is going to eradicate all tyranny and oppression bringing harmony and total peace, but to do so he will need to kill or convert all non-believers. Just a little bit of a non sequitur there – but logic is not something the Iranian leadership is interested in addressing. Actually we think the Mahdi was covered in the First and Second Commandments of the Bible, but when a person believes something to be true no power on earth can change his mind.

The current Iranian leadership believes all this nonsense we have documented above and their chosen method of bringing chaos and disorder is nuclear weaponry. What if action had been taken in 1936 immediately after Hitler marched into the Rhineland? Probably Naziism would have crumbled and the horrors of WWII could have been averted. We cannot afford to wait – nuclear war could be the result if we tarry. The enablers in the current administration have quite possibly initiated future nuclear confrontation and that reason is sufficient for their removal from power. This administration’s cheap tricks in order to circumvent the provisions of the U.S. Constitution and construct a back-door deal with Iran constitutes treason of the highest order.

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