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Man-Made Global Warming

Man-Made Global Warming (MMGW) can best be described as sitting somewhere between unproven and a complete hoax. We are going to give you some things to think about in this regard to try to make you understand why this is the situation.

The earth’s climate has been changing over the life of the earth. This has been proven in various ways by the fossil records and numerous scientific studies. Climate Change is a fact. When the MMGW defenders were calling it MMGW they were losing the argument so they resorted to a verbal trick. They lumped in MMGW with Climate Change and started calling MMGW Climate Change. You cannot lump something unproven in with something proven and then claim them both to be proven.


What are the major factors that control weather? Here are a few.

The activity of the sun. The sun does not send the same amount of heat to the earth at all times. Slightly less heat causes the earth to cool and slightly more heat causes the earth to heat up. There is no way known to man of measuring how much heat the sun is sending at any point in time.

The earth’s elliptical orbit around the sun. This orbit is never exactly the same from year to year. If the earth’s orbit gets slightly closer to the sun it gets warmer. If the earth’s orbit gets slightly farther it gets cooler. There is no way known to man of measuring exactly how far we are from the sun at any point in time.

The amount of water vapor in the air. This has a tremendous effect on weather but there is no way known to man of measuring how much water vapor is in the air at any point in time.

The temperature and movement of the tides. While there are probably some attempts here at measurement they are simply insufficient to account for these massive forces that affect weather globally.

If it is getting hotter or getting colder, how do you know what is causing it since the major factors cannot be measured?


The earth’s atmosphere is made up of 60% Nitrogen, 30% Oxygen, and 9% Argon. That leaves about 1% for everything else including Carbon Dioxide. Carbon Dioxide levels currently are estimated at 400 parts per million which means Carbon Dioxide is a miniscule part of the total earth’s atmosphere. There were times in the past history of the earth when the levels were measured at upwards of 7,000 parts per million. Even if the MMGW theories are true this seems to be statistically insignificant as far as weather is concerned.

During the George W. Bush Administration the top 100 Climate Scientists in the world met to discuss MMGW. 20 came out and said MMGW is a fact. 20 came out and said MMGW is fiction. 60 came out and said we’re not sure (not sure about these numbers exactly but you get the idea). This is hardly what one would call settled science.

In about 2008 one of the MMGW groups allowed the computer code for their MMGW model to be examined by an independent person skilled in that type of computer programming. He stated that there were “factors” in the model that were never explained and those “factors” conditioned the outcome of the results. This can only mean one thing. They started with the answer they wanted and adjusted the data to achieve the answer they had already decided upon. As far as can be determined, no MMGW group has ever allowed their computer model code to be examined before or since.

The MMGW people cherry pick their facts and pass off anything that contradicts their theories as “statistical variation”. They claim floods are caused by global warming and droughts are caused by global warming. They report when a glacier is receding but fail to report when another one is advancing. They report when the Arctic ice is slightly low but fail to report when the Antarctic ice is slightly high. They trumpet all time high temperatures but ignore all time low temperatures. They report all sorts of phenomena are caused by MMGW but offer no verifiable proof. This is all aided and abetted by the liberal media who support this fraud slavishly and routinely publish these “facts”.

So why do the MMGW people engage in this fiction and persist in this fraudulent reporting? If you read further below our posts “The Environmental Movement (Parts 1 and 2)” you will have the answer (you may have to use the “Older Posts” button in the lower left portion of this page). Hint: It relates to establishing a world government based upon socialist principles, the ultimate goal of socialism.

For the real facts on MMGW we suggest you use the website of the Heartland Institute.

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