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Founder's Statement

The primary goal of the United States Freedom Army is documented in the post Constitutional Resurrection.

Note: The below entry was written personally by our Founder, Lewis Shupe, when the USFA website was originally launched in 2013, and is included here verbatim as a tribute to him, his work and his vision.

The Founder passed away unexpectedly in 2017, but the USFA lives on to honor his legacy and fulfill our mission of influencing the future return of our Republic to Constitutional governance as envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

Frank de Monbrun, General of the Army (2018)

I am the author of two books, Presidential Diary and Presidential Diary II-Last Chance Before Armageddon. They are displayed below. I did not, however, construct this website to sell books. While doing the writing of these books and doing the research for these books I slowly began to realize that ultimately freedom around the world will be destroyed if it does not become organized.

The problem with being free is that people want to enjoy it but do not always want to fight for it. This is why the forces of centralized control and dictatorship always triumph- they are organized and have a goal: The destruction of freedom. To counteract the assault on our freedom we who care about this nation must construct an army of freedom fighters-this is why I have started the United States Freedom Army.

Why do we need an army? Put simply, we are at war and this is the most dangerous war of all. We are at war with ourselves. A small group of people who represent less than 5% of the adult population of the United States have seized control of the instruments of government and want to turn the United States into a socialist dictatorship-this cannot be allowed to happen. This war is at least as great as the Revolutionary War or the Civil War and is, most assuredly, a battle for the American way of life. This small group is like a cancer on the land and they must be removed from public life.

Why did I personally decide to take this action? Put simply, I could not see that anyone else was attempting to put people together in any meaningful way to eliminate the scourge of collectivism. Plenty of people besides this founder were writing books and they had wonderful ideas and solutions for addressing the nation’s problems. Why was nothing getting done? The forces of socialism do not want solutions; they want chaos and the consequent opportunity to seize power. It was now obvious to me that a physical presence is the only solution to the tyranny of the forces arrayed against freedom.

We need recruits. We need people willing to stand up to the forces of evil. We need to recruit people that wish to see this country returned to the fundamental principles that made this country a beacon of hope for the world. I hope you will enlist today.

Lewis Shupe