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The USFA stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Act for America ( concerning the issues surrounding immigration.  We invite you to visit their website for more information and investigate the underlying issues from their perspective.

America has always welcomed immigrants to our shores.  When we were truly a “melting pot” our culture and prosperity was strengthened because of immigration.  Today things are much different.  We are a nation of laws but our immigration laws are not being enforced.  Further, immigrants are not assimilating into our culture as they once did.  This results in devastating consequences culturally and economically.  The vast majority of immigrants today come here illegally, with many committing additional crimes after they arrive.  Administration policies actually encourage people to come here illegally, and the flood of children and thousands of others, including entire villages, that overwhelm our Border Patrol are causing a crisis that cannot be understated.  These are the things that we must do immediately:

  1. First and foremost, the responsibility for immigration law rests solely with the federal government; it is NOT within the purview of State governments to inject their influence or will into the matter.  This is especially true of the recent phenomenon of “sanctuary cities” and “sanctuary States”.  If enough people/States are opposed to certain federal laws concerning immigration, they have relief available via their elected officals and Article V of the Constitution.
  2. Build the wall; station National Guard and regular military troops on our southern border; deploy drones immediately to close off the flood.  We should defend our own borders before we defend the borders of foreign countries as we are now doing.
  3. Summarily deport all illegal aliens as they manage to get across our border.  The only exceptions would be individually-considered and -approved requests for asylum. Deport all illegal aliens caught committing crimes in the US.  No exceptions.
  4. Enforce laws against hiring of illegal aliens; employ verification systems (e.g., E-verify).
  5. State governments have the duty and full authority to protect their own borders and do whatever is deemed necessary to compensate for lax federal enforcement of existing laws within the confines of statement #1 above.
  6. After the border is secured - not before - legislation must be codified that will improve and streamline our immigration process and place reasonable limits on the numbers coming in.  Additionally, after the border is secured, there should be a national dialogue/debate concerning the status of the suspected 23 million illegal immigrants who are living in the US, who must NOT be given “amnesty” but perhaps be given some treatment that allows them to remain living in the US legally but without voting rights.
  7. County Sheriffs must use their authority to protect their citizens from abuse and violation of their rights by the invasion of illegal aliens.
  8. The Federal government needs to further clarify the 14th Amendment to reverse the popular but mistaken assertion that babies born in the US to parents who are in the country illegally are automatically granted citizenship.