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Management of the Money Supply

Section 8 of the United States Constitution requires that all money be backed by some type of precious metal such as gold or silver.  The abandonment of this standard is a primary reason the debt will ultimately destroy the US economy.  The phrase “To coin money” means precisely that money should be backed by prescious metal(s).

The “cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men” that George Washington warned the American People about (see Limited Powers) ultimately were successful in subverting our representative American Republic. One of the ways they did this was using banking as a weapon against the American People. Foreign banking interests influenced many in our nation and in our government to take control of our monetary system. During and following the 1870’s, these banking interests realized that the Constitutional Republic could not be lawfully destroyed, so they set it aside and moved forward with a new corporate democratic system of government. However, the American People were never informed that their governance had changed from a representative republic to a corporate democracy (oligarchy) controlled by the rich and powerful. 

The American People have the lawful right and authority to change our system of government but a de jure Congress never asked us to decide or approve this unlawful change in governance. They unlawfully usurped the God-given unalienable rights of the American People without our consent. This is in direct violation of our lawform and makes any actions taken under color of law by the UNITED STATES municipal Corporation null and void. They used a de facto legal system and an unlawful practice of implied consent, without full disclosure, to create an unlawful government to force their rule over the American People. 

The end result was that the Representative American Republic was abandoned. In fact, since the 1870s, elected “officials” of the UNITED STATES Corporation do not convene as “members” of Congress, but only as “office holders.” 

For more information, please read Re-Inhabited, Republic for the United States of America by Jean Hallahan Hertler with David Carl Hertler for a detailed presentation of American History. 

You can view it at this website: