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Leftists continue to advocate open borders and unrestricted immigration, without vetting those who cross into the US - whether friend or foe.  In addition, both the Clinton and Obama administrations' folly forces immigrant quotas upon individual States leaves you and your neighbors defenseless and unaware of the nature of the immigrants (and their intent) who are settling in your city, perhaps even next door.  This MUST stop - here's how it can be curtailed, if not eliminated completely.

Background For Action

Immigration is not a "new thing" - our nation was founded on immigration and, from the outset, the US is a nation of immigrants.  What makes immigration "new" to our generation is the manipulation of our immigration system and laws, along with taking advantage of American charity, by our enemies in order to infiltrate, destroy our government and transform our nation into an element of the new Islamic caliphate.

It's not that bad, you say?  Read the articles written by those who still retain the right to be called "journalist" (so, NOT the main stream media) who cover the news in places such as England, France, Sweden, Germany and other EU countries that have allowed unfettered immigration from Muslim nations.  Then tell me again how it's "not that bad."

"But it's not that bad HERE," you say.  Talk to me about Michigan, Texas, Washington and several other States where the FBI is monitoring (and has been for TWELVE YEARS) training camps run by and for Islamic infiltrators whose sole mission is to subjugate America and place it under Sharia (Islamic law).  As activists come and go from these camps, they return to the communities where they live and begin to train other Muslim immigrants locally.  Why? To teach them how to engage in local politics, run for office, get elected, and then begin to shape policy/laws that favor Sharia and supplant our laws - eventually to render the US Constitution meaningless.

One needs to know - who supports this, how does it develop, how does it spread, how does it gain traction, how is it resisted (or not), and how is it reported (or not) by the legacy news media.
And that's where I'm going to leave it - you're entitled to your own opinions about immigration and Muslim settlement, about if those coming to the US (Muslim or otherwise) are coming here to assimilate (accept our laws and society) or are they coming here to establish their own enclaves to support their laws and society, whether they comply with US law or not.

The article I've included in this report provides excellent background information. At the end of the article (included next in this report) you will find the details about our CALL TO ACTION and a link to the White House comment page highlighted in the orange text. I'm requesting EACH OF YOU to take a specific action that will cost you nothing but a few minutes of time.  Go to that link and leave a message for the President!

Reach out to President Trump to let him know that doing nothing is not an option, that acting on this issue by Executive Order is not an option - but that he must take action to REMOVE 45 CFR 400.301 and REFORM the Refugee Act of 1980 NOW.

TO BE EFFECTIVE, WE ALL MUST DO THIS!!  So please, follow through - it will only take 10-15 minutes of your time but will make a HUGE impression on the President when he hears from all of us!

Now What? Calls About Your Call To Action

New post on Refugee Resettlement Watch

Barnett: Trump could take one simple step to give states back the power to withdraw from the refugee program
by Ann Corcoran

Don Barnett lays it out (what Donald Trump could do virtually overnight) in the Washington Times on Tuesday.

First some of the background:

When the Obama administration raised the refugee admission quota for fiscal 2017 to 110,000, New Jersey, Maine, Kansas and Texas formally withdrew from the resettlement program.
Actually, this is a program states can never leave. A Clinton-era regulation prevents states from meaningfully withdrawing from the federal refugee resettlement program. If history is any guide, those states that left the program are getting more refugees now than they would have had they stayed in the program.

Yucking it up! Ted and Bill---two of the main reasons you have refugees secretly placed in your states against the will of most of the voting public. 

The only reason it is not evident is because the national quota for 2018 was lowered by the Trump administration to 45,000; the fiscal year will likely end with a number even smaller than that.

Reform the law while President Trump is in power, or else!

By law the president can zero out the quota altogether and a new president could increase it to 200,000 or higher. Before that happens, it may be wise to look at reforming the program.

First step!

At least one reform would fit in with the president’s goal of putting the federal government back into its proper constitutional role vis a vis the states.
The Refugee Act intended to insulate states from program costs. The bill’s Senate sponsor, Edward Kennedy, noted the program would “assure full and adequate federal support for refugee resettlement programs by authorizing permanent funding for state, local and volunteer agency projects.”
Unlike other legal immigrants, refugees are eligible for all federal welfare programs on the same basis as citizens upon arrival. (This is a lifetime entitlement for refugees who become citizens.)

Substantial costs have been purposely shifted to state taxpayers over the years.
Likely in response to rumblings from state governments about exiting the program, the Clinton administration promulgated regulation 45 CFR 400.301 in 1994 allowing resettlement contractors to continue operations in a state regardless of state objections. This arrangement allowed private contractors to operate independently with no input from state government. Regulatory fiat guaranteed that a state could never get out of the program or escape its fiscal impact on state revenues.

Repeal of 45 CFR 400.301 would have the immediate effect of allowing states to withdraw from the U.S. refugee resettlement program.

It is the Tenth Amendment stupid!  (Off topic, but don't you think it's riot that the state of California is pushing back against the US Justice Department on immigration using the States' Rights provision of the Constitution!)
Barnett wraps up.....

Regulations can be repealed and they can be reissued. A judicial decision on the Tennessee lawsuit’s principle question on just how far the federal government can impose on a state’s control over its own resources is still needed and extends beyond the refugee resettlement program.
More here.

Come on DOJ, get moving on the Tennessee lawsuit, surely AG Sessions knows how significant this case is!
And, then as I intone on a regular basis---Where is Congress? The original Refugee Act of 1980 must be dumped and rewritten (if the voters want a rewrite). And, the window is open now while Trump is in office!

Forget the 'humanitarian' mumbo-jumbo....

I suspect it is the Republican leadership driven by the Chamber of Commerce and giant corporations that keep the law from ever being seriously reviewed by Congress.

Looking for something to do? 

Contact the White House and tell the President that federal regulation 45 CFR 400.301 violates the Tenth Amendment and you want him to dump it.  Tell him also to get moving with long term reform to the Refugee Act of 1980 that set up the present system of paying (on a per head basis) NGO contractors to place refugees in your towns without notice or discussion.

After Action Report

Finally, submit your status report via after you've contacted the White House to let the President know your concerns.

Together we CAN make a difference!!