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September 2018 CALL TO ACTION

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There is much the Socialists are doing to distract the public from the important work with which the Congress is supposed to be engaged.

From the recent theatrics accompanying the duty of the Senate to "advise and consent" to the President's appointments, we can see clearly the Socialists are more concerned about political Kabuki as they once again systematically devolve the process into the current dog and pony show we're seeing.

While I'm certainly not happy with the Socialists' penchant for over-the-top drama designed to derail and detract from the time-honored traditional role the Congress fulfills, there is another task that now languishes due to Congressional dereliction of duty.

This month we're focusing on a single issue - BUILD THE WALL.  The invitation below was crafted from an email from Act for America.  It is for us to let our House of Representatives know that we haven't forgotten the role they play in helping our President to keep his promises, and complete the things we elected him to do.  Without Congressional support and leadership, the President's promises will languish and our nation will suffer because of their inaction or indifference.

For myriad reasons, all pertaining to the security and safety of our nation, we want the border wall fully funded and built as soon as possible.  Some areas are under construction right now, but those areas cover precious few miles of our porous border.  It is up to the House, having the power of the purse, to craft a funding bill and get it approved.

Let your Representatives know, even if they are against the wall, that we - their constituents - will not forget their action in either supporting or opposing its funding and completion.

Follow the link in the article below and you will be taken to the site where the automated petition form can be completed.

Our time is growing short, the Leftists are growing more violent, and our Republic is in peril.  The USFA's impact and influence are only as great as the number of our members who engage.

I'm pleading with you to do so.


Tell Congress to Fund the Wall!

It has been rumored that the US House of Representatives plans on ending their legislative session Friday, October 12, in order to spend the rest of October campaigning in their home district. What this means is that their final chance to provide funding for President Trump's border wall before election day ends on October 12th.

This is why we need your immediate action demanding Congress provide the funding necessary to begin construction on the US-Mexico border wall!

Securing our porous borders is common sense. Who wants to willingly allow MS-13 gangs to smuggle drugs across our borders? 

Remember, Hezbollah has set up operation centers in South America and are working with the drug cartels on smuggling terrorists through the Mexican border. Anytime you hear government officials refer to OTM on TV they mean (Other Than Mexican). Who are these OTMs? Some are radical Islamists coming through the Mexican border from countries like Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, Pakistan, and Turkey to mention a few.

Congress needs to hear from you, their constituent, about this very important national security issue. We need you to let your federal legislators know that you're paying attention to what they are doing for our country's national security -- and that you will hold them accountable.

Beyond allowing illegal aliens to cross our borders and place a burden on our economy, open borders enables drug trafficking, and human trafficking. This must end.

Please click here to take action, and let your Congressman know it is time to secure our borders once and for all.

Thank you for making your voice heard. Remember, for every 1 phone call or letter, Congressional staff assume there are 1,000 others who feel the same way but didn't take action. Your voice truly can make a difference.


As always, submit your status report via after you've taken action and let us know the outcome.
Together we ARE making a difference!!