The Branches of the US Military

Do you know that the US Military is composed of six branches? The six military branches are the following:

  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Coast Guard
  • Marine Corps
  • Navy

Are you wondering what the 6th branch is? This is Space Force and it is the most recent branch added to the US Military.

People who are working in the military can also be categorized into three. These are:

  1. Active Duty – Those who are working full time.
  2. Reserve and Guard Forces – These are those who are working in civilian services but can be called to be part of military forces.
  3. Veterans and Retirees – People who used to be part of the US Army.

One thing that you should know is that there is so much to learn. The more interested you are, the more that you will delve deeper into the different branches of the military.

The 6 Military Branches and Who’s in Charge of Them?

The commander in chief is going to be the current president of the United States. This means that the president will make the final decisions. The one who is in charge of the military and the different branches except the coast guard is the secretary of the Department of Defense. 

Just in case you are wondering, the Coast Guard is under the Department of Homeland Security also known as DoD. This is the largest “company” now with over two million employees. (both civilian and military)

The Branches of the Military with Details

The branches of the military will all come with their specific missions. 

  • Air Force – This is focused on airpower. Their mission is to fly airplanes, helicopters, and satellites. 
  • Army and Army Reserve – This will be in charge of anything that is related to land. They want to achieve dominant land power. It will also monitor the different US installations that are located in different parts of the world.
  • Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve – This will be in charge of anything related to the waterways. For example, some ships coming from different countries are trying to deliver some unwanted goods, it will be the responsibility of the coast guard to do their duty and prevent this from happening.
  • Marine Corps – A lot of people dream of being in the marines. They feel like they can be the best of the best when they are under this branch. The marines are in charge of both land and sea. Their training will allow them to be good at doing both. They are usually the first ones that will be sent to war which is why people feel that they are the fiercest and strongest.
  • Navy and Navy Reserve – The missions of the Navy will mostly be directed towards the things that are happening up in the air. Yet, they can also be in charge of the things that are happening on land and water. They make an effort to remain peaceful to maintain peace while traveling and trading.
  • Space Force – It was mentioned earlier that this is the newest branch of the military. This is still under development. So far, there are still decisions that are being made about the uniforms that the people will use. They are also finalizing recruitment.


Different recruiters are looking for the best people to work for them. You can check which branches you would fit right in depending on your knowledge, your skills, and your capabilities. It will be an honor to become a member of any branch of the US military. 

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