Amazing Military Technologies

The US military is always making an effort to get the latest and the best items that they can get their hands on. They would like to get rid of the old and get access to newer and better weapons, armors, and all other related gear.

The latest discoveries in Science and Technology have made the search a little less complicated. Information can be received from defense contractors, university labs, and even small start-ups that are hoping that they can discover the next big thing. People are always hoping that they can come up with new things that will amaze them and at the same time, will help them win.

Different groups are focused on discovering and building new technologies. 

  • Focus on innovations that are related to the air.
  • Focus on discoveries that can help create weapons that will be used on land.
  • Focus on new things that will be discovered to make war easier to win in water.

New Military Technologies that Will Change the Future

Some of the items that you will see are things that you only dreamed of seeing before.

1.       Self-Steering Bullets

How many times have people said that they hit the wrong target because they miscalculated things? There are some bullets now that are packed with sensors. These bullets can change course in mid-air. Even those who are not too good at shooting will be able to hit their targets with some slight changes to the bullets.

The cost of these bullets is still unknown but they are not as expensive as the other technologies that the US military are investing on.

2.                  Laser Cannons

This used to be just a science-fiction weapon. It might become realistic very soon. There are lasers that can be placed on some of the water vessels. They can serve as protection against drones and other boats.

Laser cannons are also being used on land right now. They are placed on trucks. These laser cannons are meant to offer protection against mortar shells and even drones. The best thing about laser cannons is they cost less than other equipment. Lasers can be fired repeatedly and the costs will not be as high as using bullets, missiles, and even rockets.

3.                  Plasma Protection Field

How many times have people died just because their vehicle has landed over a plasma field? This is something that the US military would like to change. There is a patent filed by Boeing wherein the system will help protect vehicles if ever they do land on plasma fields.

There are still some limitations though. For example, this cannot be used to protect vehicles from rockets. This cannot offer protection against grenades too.

4.                  Long-Range Strike Bomber

Some people are familiar with the suicide bomber. This is a person who would attach a lot of bombs to himself/herself. Then the person will allow the bomb to blast in the middle of the crowd. It can kill unsuspecting people.

The long-range bomber is going to be different. This is a plane that will be changing depending on the colors of the surroundings. This way, it cannot be seen and it will be able to bomb different areas undetected. Since this seems like a very high-technology item, expect that this costs a lot of money to create. This is still being finalized now. 

5.                  Submarine Hunter

A lot of the submarine hunters that are available now are manned by people. There are times when this can cost people’s lives. People are working on submarine hunters that are unmanned so that the detection can be done remotely. This submarine hunter will be equipped with all of the right tools and weapons to detect those that should not be in the area.

Another great thing about this is that since there is no need for any humans to be on board, it can stay in certain areas for months on end. It will be able to go through narrow channels easily too.

6.                  Reflectin Invisibility

Camouflage can be effective in hiding soldiers and also other tools, weapons, and vehicles. The camouflage is not enough most of the time. Especially since there are a lot of technologies being used to detect when there are intruders within the area.

The squid comes with a protein called Reflectin. This is meant to help the squid become invisible to some of the predators. If people and items would be able to make use of this technology, it will be easier for them to do their tasks undetected.

Night Vision in the Military

Night vision started in the military. They wanted to have the ability to see the enemies even in pitch darkness. The very first night vision devices used to be a hassle to bring. They were heavy and they would take a lot of effort to carry around. Over the past decades, night vision devices have improved. Some can be placed on people’s breast pockets. They can just bring it out whenever they need to.

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