The Technologies that Improved Warfare

People have been fighting over different things for a long time. The type of war that people experience may change depending on the items that people use and what people are fighting for.

In the past, people used the spear. Some used the bow and arrow to fight with the enemies. Over the decades, more items have been created. Fighter planes started to become available. There are laser-guided weapons that you can find plus other bomb-carrying vehicles that can wipe out some places and a lot of people in an instant.

Technologies that Changed the Way that People Do War

There are just some items that become sought after. People realized just how much easier it is to wage war when they are equipped with the right items.

  1. Drones

Some people have only heard about drones when they became popular a few years back. People would use drones for fun. They can teach their kids to fly drones in areas where drones are allowed. Some would also use it to take cinematic videos and amazing pictures.

Drones have been used in war for a long time. They are meant to provide weapons while the war is going on. Drones can be far away from the battlefield while also helping in the war. This can save a lot of lives. The use of drones has increased steadily over the past years.

  • Submarines

You may have seen submarines in cartoons, shows, and movies. Have you ever seen a submarine in real life? Those who have tried it for leisure say that it is a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience.

Naval warfare has greatly improved because of submarines. This has allowed underwater vessels to attack the ships of the enemies. The first attack happened during the American Civil War and it was a success.

The military can now make use of other weapons that can be placed inside the submarines. They are also more strategic about where submarines can navigate. 

  • Stealth Aircraft

Can you guess what a stealth aircraft is? Based on its name, you can already guess that this refers to being undetected while flying. Planes will not be completely undetectable. There is still a huge chance that they will be spotted and reported by the enemies. Stealth aircraft can reduce the reflection that marks easy detection. Using this can also increase the chances of having a successful attack on the enemy. 

The technology of this type of aircraft started in Germany. Over the past years, other countries managed to get and improve this technology to their advantage. The US military has some great stealth aircraft that are being used now.

  • Nuclear Weapons

A lot of people are afraid that a nuclear bomb will go off and change the course of history. It is known to be a very destructive weapon. The enormous amount of nuclear energy that can explode will hurt and kill a lot of people.

In history, you will notice that atomic bombs were already used particularly when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed in the year 1945. These bombings ended World War II but it took a long time for those areas to recover. Right now, some people are aware that studies about nuclear bombs are still ongoing but they are now top secret.

  • Fly-By-Wire Technology

If you have watched some shows wherein an electronic interface would replace the manual interface, then you already know what this technology is. This type of technology will make it easier to guide airplanes. People would like to feel like they are more in control of what they are flying. Using this technology makes it possible.

This can also be helpful for some crucial and long flights. Pilots can sometimes make mistakes when they are already tired or sleepy. This technology can help detect possible errors and correct them for a more stabilized plane.

  • Weapons for Space

Space travel has always been an interest of a lot of people. Some have become so fascinated with astronauts that they have also wished to fly to the moon when they “grow up.” Most people realize that this type of career isn’t for them. Yet, there are still some weapons that are being made for space.

Space weapons are still being used for war. They can be controlled to attack certain areas on earth. When space weapons were being heavily made and used, political tensions were very obvious. This may have died down a bit over the past years but it does not mean that they aren’t there.


From missiles to other weapons that can be used when people have to go to war, there is still a lot that is being kept secret from the public. They are being hidden so that the public will not panic and get scared. Plus, those who are handling these technologies are confident that they will be useful in the future.

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